The philosophy of Community Care Hospice is to help you live each day fully and as alert and pain-free as possible. We want you to be in charge of your Hospice care with the freedom to make informed decisions. Community Care Hospice staff recognizes and respects that your attitudes, feelings and needs are influenced by your family and that they also require special care and support.

Care Providers

The Hospice Team
Services are provided by a special team of professionals, as well as family and friends. 

Referring/Attending Physician
Participates in the Plan of Care and remains the Primary Physician. 

Medical Director
Oversees Plan of Care and advises the Team.
Medical Director: David Gunderman, MD

Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Assesses and manages pain and symptoms. Makes visits and educates caregivers about care (on-call 24 hours). 

Licensed Practical Nurse
Provides Continuous Care to manage symptoms and/or End of Life care in the home or facility setting. 

Hospice Aide
Helps with daily living, including bathing, feeding and personal care. 

Family Services/Social Worker
Helps deal with psychosocial issues for the patient and family, assists with legal, financial and other resources in the community. 

Provides support and comfort during Hospice care and after the death. 

Provides companionship, caregiver relief, helps with office duties as well as fund raisers.